Sample Job Profile Report

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Following is a sample job profile report generated by psychometric anaylsis.


Here is a job for someone who is enthusiastic, impatient to advance in life. The need to thrive on challenge and change is very pronounced. The ideal candidate should be something of a workaholic, ready to integrate his or her home and work life, and should be motivated by the possibility of promotion within the organisation.

There is an emphasis, for this job, on the ability to control people, while maintaining a capacity for understanding other peoples points of view. A candidate for such a job must be ready to force a confrontation, but must have some powers of reasoning and persuasion on which to fall back. the profile suggests that a need for forward-planning may be involved in the job.

An important quality required for this job is the ability to grasp others points of view, and act effectively on this understanding. A quick–thinking receptive candidate capable of adapting temporarily to the performance of tasks which require a more persistent approach, will succeed in this environment.

This profile suggest a job with a need for an independent style, but incorporates some more controlled elements. The ability to appreciate others’ points of view may be important in some circumstances, although the candidate must be capable of imposing his or her will on an issue when necessary.

This job requires a realistic, practical type of person, who is capable of foreseeing difficult situations and planning for them. the candidate will generally work in a stable, structured environment, where unpredictable events rarely occur, but do happen from time to time. in addition, the job calls for an ability to employ tact and diplomacy, but be more assertive if this should prove necessary.

Openness and spontaneity are key words in this job description. Somebody who can communicate easily would do well in this environment, although they may be called upon to modify their communication methods under certain circumstances. The profile suggests an activity-planning element to the job, although this is of much less importance than the need for an extrovert approach. Speed of action and reaction tends to be more relevant than accuracy and detail.


Legionella Risk Assessor/Engineer
to £11.55 per hour + company vehicle and mileage (40 hours per week + overtime)
Established Water Treatment Company is now seeking an additional/qualified Legionella Risk Assessor to join their existing team. Based in the Manchester area t you will be responsible for:
*Carrying out legionella risk assessments – including site surveys
*Undertake chlorination work, shower head descales, chemical cleaning, ACOP L8 monitoring/sampling
*Closed System Analysis

This role will involve travel including some overnight stays and weekend overtime.

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