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The Selection Partnership Ltd

The Selection Partnership Ltd (TSP) have been solving the recruitment problems of companies and candidates across the United Kingdom since 1986.

Our consultants have some forty plus years combined recruitment experience bringing to the task relevant and in depth knowledge of Sales, Engineering, Technical, Interiors, Water Treatment, Health & Safety, Creative and Exhibitions recruitment.

If you are seeking a new job or a career change or if you have a vacancy to fill, call us now on 0121 427 4255 or alternatively email us at rec@t-s-p.com

candidate service

  • You can access the site at any time free of charge.
  • Send in full CV details to be placed on the site.
  • Identify vacancies that you are interested in and let us know.
  • We will send details to those companies, we will not disclose your name, personal details or your present employer.
  • This information will only be passed to companies with your permission.
  • If you respond to a specific vacancy, your details will only be sent to that company and will not appear on the website candidate pages for 14 days.
TSP candidate services
TSP company services

company service

Companies may access the candidate database at any time free of charge. If you are interested in a candidate profile and wish to see their CV this will be sent to you, however it will not contain candidate contact information.

If you subsequently wish to interview the candidate we will arrange this at a mutually agreed date, time and location. A fully detailed CV will be provided prior to the interview taking place.


If you wish to have exclusivity to candidates you can advertise specific vacancies on the web site with or without your company name.

If a candidate responds to a client placed advertisement, the CV details will only be sent to that client and will not appear on the candidate listing for a period of 14 days.

All adverts will remain on the site for one calendar month.

Alternatively we can advertise your vacancy on the site and in the trade press and, or local/national newspapers. This ‘retained assignment’ method of recruitment gives you the broadest spread of current and relevant candidates.

Additionally, a retained assignment attracts a discount on our standard terms of business.

psychometric analysis

We are also able to offer a computer driven Psychometric Analysis service for both candidate and job profiling. Further details about Psychometric Analysis.