Sample Candidate Report

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Following is a sample candidate profile report generated by psychometric anaylsis.


An enthusiastic, impulsive type of person, this is someone who like a challenge and thrives on new and interesting situations. This is a confident person, self–reliant and capable of acting independently. A capable and confident communicator, this is someone who may be seen by others as perhaps a little dominating, even arrogant, at times.

Open and straightforward, this person is well able to cope with the criticisms and objections of others although they may at times appear rash or impulsive. Such people hate to be bored and have a low concentration threshold, preferring rather to keep themselves busy. Accuracy and detail are of little interest to this person, rather, he or she will tend to bluff or make up facts to cover their lack of knowledge.


A personality showing high levels of determination and considerable strength of will, these factors combine with a stimulating, enthusiastic side to the character to make a forceful but motivating person who takes others’ viewpoints into account without being overly accommodating.


This is personality which can become surprisingly severe and autocratic when placed under pressure, and who will be quite dominating if they feel that it is necessary. Given to impulsive or rash acts, this type does not always give consideration to their actions, and this can lead to problems in some areas.


This analysis of motivational factors is based on ‘deep’ examination of the profiles for this person, taking subconscious factors into account. It is possible that these needs are not directly indicated in the person’s normal behaviour patterns.

This is a person who needs to operate as independently as possible in order to work at his or her best. This type thrives on responsibility and performs best in an environment where he or she has had the opportunity to shape or structure it to their own preferences and interests. This is someone who has little need for the support of others, and indeed can take it as an insult if support is offered without having first been requested.

interpersonal skills

An active and out going communicator, this person is best described as ‘extrovert’; they are not afraid to state their opinions or feelings, and give little thought to others’ opinions of them. Talkative and direct, such a person will make points explicitly and perhaps a little tactlessly.

decision making

Decisions are made by this person very easily and quickly. Such a person will rarely stop to consider the fact that they may be wrong, and move ahead forcefully. They are not afraid of taking risks, and are willing to take a gamble if the potential proceeds are high enough.

organisation and planning

This is a person who can ‘think on their feet’, and will almost always meet deadlines. This can lead to them having unrealistic expectations of other less quick-thinking or more structure-orientated colleagues at times.

pressure path

The following paragraphs describe this individual’s probable reactions in a difficult situation, under varying amounts of pressure ranging from mild to severe.

first level: mild pressure

If this individual detects pressure, he or she will attempt to eliminate it quickly by adopting an aggressive and expressive approach to the problem. Commanding and forceful, this style combines an assertive element with a tendency towards personal criticism of opponents and is frequently successful in resolving the problem.

second level: intermediate pressure

If this autocratic approach to the pressure inducing situation is unsuccessful, this personality type will attempt to find facts and details, which either support their case or undermine that of their opponents. This stage will need time to complete, and this type will cover their activities by pretending to surrender to the situation. In fact they will usually move onto the third level, when they feel confident enough to do so.

third level: strong pressure

At the third level, this personality type will revert to a similar approach as that under mild pressure, combining personal attack (including describing past failings) with a forceful and assertive attempt to gain acceptance of his or her way of thinking, perhaps becoming even more aggressive than under the first level of pressure.

fourth level: severe pressure

At the fourth level this person will finally acquiesce to the pressure situation. Behaviour at this fourth stage is similar in many ways to the simulated submission shown in the second level, and it is important to be aware that this fourth level reaction represents a true submission, often accompanied by a period of frustrated ‘sulking’

stress analysis

A strongly resilient character, this person can deal with large amounts of stress without ill effect; indeed, his or her performance may be enhanced to extent in the presence of small amounts of stress. This person is currently experiencing some difficulties at work, although these are not sufficient to cause great problems

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